[PODCAST] How To Become A Content Marketing Pro By Re-Purposing With Purpose

In Podcast Episode #108, JSB talks about why she's the content marketing queen! JSB Interviews Amy Woods of Content10x and they discuss how re purposing your content can make your life easier. JSB 's shoutouts are tools that can help with content re purposing, and her column looks at how she manages to create high levels of useful content.

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Social Media Marketing Strategies: Why Snapchat Lenses are Becoming the New Trend

  Social media marketing is evolving at breakneck speed, and this has meant that marketing efforts need to constantly be evaluated against the newest technologies and platforms in order to ensure maximum ROI. One of the newest tools out there may have you questioning – should I be using Snapchat Lenses? The emergence of Snapchat Lenses in marketing campaigns happened quickly, but it is steadily gaining momentum.  While perhaps relatively new in terms of usage, Snapchat Lenses are already seeing increasing popularity and it seems like they are becoming another tool in digital marketing arsenals. What Are Snapchat Lenses? You

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7 Ways To Use GoAnimate For Video Storytelling

7 Video Storytelling Techniques

Do you struggle with creating online video? Have you discovered GoAnimate? Video storytelling is a great way to generate engagement online and will ensure you stand out from the digital marketing crowd. I began using GoAnimate, a video storytelling tool quite a while ago after doing some research on engaging video tools. It didn’t take me too long to figure out how to use it, from creating storyboards to adding music and creating characters and backgrounds. We’ve included GoAnimate in our Digital Toolbox which is featured on our website’s homepage. We use tools that benefit our business, we teach our students how to

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